Frequently Asked Questions
Company Agreements
  • Do I have to have Vendor Product Liability Insurance Coverage?
  • Yes, Academy Sports + Outdoors requires a minimum limit on product liability insurance. Yearly updates with proof of insurance certificate can be sent to
  • How do I get started with EDI?
  • SPS Commerce has partnered with Academy to manage our EDI program. New vendors will be referred to SPS Commerce immediately after receiving their vendor number to begin EDI onboarding. Additional information can be found by visiting the SPS website at
  • How early should you send the ASN?
  • The ASN should be sent as soon as the merchandise leaves your dock to ensure that it is received in advance of the shipment arriving at our DC.
  • What are the currently traded EDI documents?
  • We currently trade the 810, 850, 855, 856, 860 and 997 documents.
Carton Packaging and Labeling
  • What are the required fields on the GS1-128 label?
  • Please see the Academy SMART Guide for GS1-128 label requirements.
  • Do the inner packs need labels?
  • No, the inner packs do not need labels or carton markings.
  • Is the GS1-128 label required on all cartons?
  • Yes.
  • Where do I place the GS1-128 label on the carton?
  • Place the label on the bottom right corner of the largest panel of the carton. Place the GS1-128 Label directly on the carton, NOT on the shrink-wrap.
  • Do I need to submit a GS1-128 label for approval? Who can I send the sample UCC label to?
  • Yes. Please submit your sample label to
  • Can we mix SKUs in a carton?
  • Mixed SKUs are not allowed in Bulk Orders written to any of our Distribution Centers. Mixed SKUs are only allowed for Pre-Mark (Packed-By-Store) and Direct to Store Orders.
UPC Tickets
  • What does “Prices-Off” – N mean?
  • “Prices-Off” – N is the ticket type that does not require Academy Sports + Outdoors’ pre-ticketing. You may use your own UPC.
Chargebacks and Chargeback Schedule
  • How long do I have to dispute a chargeback?
  • Vendors have 30 days to dispute a chargeback.
Domestic Logistics
  • If I have a parcel shipment going out FedEx, how would I obtain the FedEx account number?
  • Please see page 21 of our Domestic SMART Guide for guidelines on using the FedEx account.
  • How many DCs does Academy Sports + Outdoors have? Where can I find the DC and Store #s?
  • Currently, we have 3 Distribution Centers. NEW DC 893 in Cookeville, TN, DC 895 in Katy, TX & DC 897 in Twiggs County, GA. You can find a list of DC and Store #s here.
  • What is OTM?
  • Oracle Transportation Management. OTM allows our suppliers to view open purchase orders and create shipments for pickup. Please contact with any questions regarding OTM.
  • What are the Pallet requirements (ie. Pallet Dimensions and Pallet height)?
  • Vendors must use 48”X40” GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) four-way hard wood pallets with slats 5/8” thick. The pallet height for LTL shipments should be built to 96 inches (Multiple PO’s per pallet, shipping to the same DC are acceptable to maximize pallet height).
  • Is the packing list required?
  • Currently, the packing list is only a requirement for Firearm Purchase Orders.
  • Pertaining to the "Failure to release PO's 72 hours prior to the pickup date in OTM" rule. How do I know when to route compliantly?
  • If your OTM Insert/Release date is       Your OTM Early Pick-up Date must be no earlier than: