Vendor Compliance
Due to increasing costs associated with supply chain inefficiencies, it has become critical that we partner with those vendors committed to providing retailers with enhanced service levels. As a result, the following routing guidelines have been established. The information contained in this Routing Guide supersedes all previous Academy routing documents or instructions. All instructions and expectations must be fully complied with and become applicable to all shipments consigned to Academy. Failure to comply in full with these requirements will result in additional freight and/or labor costs, which may be passed on to the shipper in the form of a chargeback.

Academy’s goal is to improve the flow of merchandise through our Distribution Centers. Therefore, penalties assessed as a result of non-compliance may be subject to reduction or reimbursement (except freight-related expenses), provided corrective action plans are taken and communicated to our Vendor Relations office within 30 days of assessment.

Please review the information in this Routing Guide carefully. Any questions concerning information contained herein or in reference to the Purchase Order should be addressed prior to shipment of goods.

This page provides the SMART guides for both our Domestic and Import Vendors. It also includes links to the Chargeback Schedules as well as Terms and Conditions for Academy.