Washington Children's Safe Product Act

Dear Vendor:

As you know, Academy, Ltd. d/b/a Academy Sports + Outdoors ("Academy") is committed to ensuring that the products it sells are safe for their intended use and comply with all applicable laws, standards, requirements, rules, and regulations. Most importantly, Academy expects all of its vendors to stand behind their products and deliver merchandise to Academy meeting all federal, state, and local requirements for sale, including product safety, labeling, and testing requirements.

As you should be aware, the Washington Children’s Safe Products Act (“CSPA”) requires that manufacturers, brand/trademark holders, or importers report to the Washington Department of Ecology (“Department”) those children’s products offered for sale in Washington that contain certain chemicals on the Department’s list, which we have attached as Appendix B to this Notice.  It is also available at http://www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/swfa/cspa/pdf/cspaguide_pql.pdf


Please click on the link below for the Washington Children's Safe Products Act
Washingtion CSPA Vendor Memo.pdf