Product Source Tagging

Dear Valued Vendor:

As the costs of shoplifting continue to grow, Academy Sports + Outdoors has made a strong commitment in the implemention of a Source Tagging program. Source Tagging is the process by which anti-theft labels are incorporated into the merchandise to be protected during manufacturing or packaging.

Source Tagging aids in the increase of sales.  With compliance of consistent tag application, it allows for goods to be openly merchandised and increases customer service by preventing in-store tagging.  It will also increase flow of goods through the Distribution Center while permitting goods to arrive at Stores more quickly.

We have begun installing ADT/Sensormatic’s Ultra-Max Electronic Article Surveillance systems in our stores. For this program to be successful and mutually beneficial, we need the commitment of our vendors.  Please contact Academy’s Vendor Relations Department at (281) 646-5528 or email for further details and to confirm your participation.

With your support in this initiative, we can increase sales while reducing shrink.


Academy Vendor Relations Department