Observed Quality Level Standards


Academy reserves the right to select purchase orders for quality inspections.  Inspections may be conducted by Academy or a designated 3rd party.   In the event a PO is not inspected by Academy, the supplier must conduct internal quality inspections.

Academy's follows the Military Standard 105E at a 0 Critical, 2.5 Major and a 4.0 Minor AQL (Acceptable Quality Level), Single Sampling Plan for Normal Inspection, General Inspection Level II.  Example: If the PO contains 1,000 units of a single sku, then the inspector will pull an 80 unit sample. Within the 80 unit sample, if the inspector finds 5 or fewer units with major defects or 7 or fewer units with minor defects, the inspection passes.  If 6 or more units have major defects or 8 or more have minor defects, the inspection fails. A Corrective Action, Preventative Action will be issued for the supplier to complete via ClearTrack.   The appropriate Sourcing and Product Development area is notified, and a course of action is determined.
For any questions regarding quality inspections please contact qualityinspection@academy.com

Click here for Military Standard Chart Sept 28 2010