Inovis Correspondence

Dear Valued Business Partner,

As we continue to grow our Company, a newly opened 2nd Distribution Center in Jeffersonville, Georgia, work towards E-Commerce, and improve our Supply Chain, it is time to address major data items in our business process --- our ability to systematically capture master pack, consumer package and item dimensions.  

A key initiative of our company in this fiscal year is to receive this information from our vendors. The ability to obtain and maintain the accuracy of these dimensions is an important step on the roadmap to better continued growth in our major Company initiatives, our logistics forecasting and better inventory management.

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Inovis for the support of our master pack, consumer package, and overall item information. To ensure the most accurate and effective process for automatically retrieving these attributes, Academy requires that you subscribe to and/or grant access to your Inovis Catalogue The Inovis Catalogue is our preferred solution for all item information. This company-wide initiative is dependent upon cooperation from you, our vendor partners. 

Why the push for an online catalogue?

  • Data Synchronization - Minimize input at PO creation
  • Improve purchase order accuracy
  • Reduce keying errors which ultimately affect DC receiving functions with slow downs
  • Costs associated with problem shipments such as chargebacks, invalid UPC/GTIN, or reticketing goods
  • Increase efficiency in the overall supply chain resulting in improved sales and expense performance
  • Obtain cube and weight - maximize inbound and outbound shipment
  • E-commerce - immediate shipping costs to the consumer


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