Frequently Asked Questions


Company Agreements

Q: Do I have to have Vendor Product Liability Insurance Coverage?

A: Yes, Academy Sports + Outdoors requires a minimum limit on product liability insurance. Yearly updates with proof of insurance certificate can be sent to .

Q: When does Academy take ownership of the goods?

A: Academy Sports + Outdoors takes ownership of the goods once the merchandise arrives and is gated in our facility.



Q: How do I get started with EDI?

A: E-mail providing your known Vendor Name and Number with Academy Sports + Outdoors and the setup process can begin.

Q: How early should you send the ASN?

A: The ASN should be sent as soon as the merchandise leaves your dock to ensure that it is received in advance of the shipment arriving at our DC.

Q: What are the currently traded EDI documents?

A: We currently trade the 850 Purchase Order, the 856 Ship Notice, the 997 Functional Acknowledgement & the 810 Invoice.

Q: Do you use AS2 (Applicability Standard 2)?

A: Not at this time.


Carton Packaging and Labeling

Q: What is a GS1-128 label?

A: The GS1-128 label is the UCC-128 label.

Q: What are the required fields on the UCC-128 label?

A: Please see the last page of our EDI Implementation Manual for the required info on the UCC-128 label.

Q: Do the inner packs need labels?

A: No, the inner packs do not need labels or carton markings.

Q: Is the UCC-128 label required on all cartons?

A: Yes.

Q: Where do I place the UCC-128 label on the carton?

A: Place the label on the bottom right corner of the largest panel of the carton. Place the UCC-128 Label directly on the carton, NOT on the shrink-wrap.

Q: Do I need to submit a UCC-128 label for approval? Who can I send the sample UCC label to?

A: Yes. Please submit your sample label to .

Q: Can we mix SKUs in a carton?

A: Mixed SKUs are not allowed in Bulk Orders written to any of our Distribution Centers. Mixed SKUs are only allowed for Pre-Mark (Packed-By-Store) and Direct to Store Orders.


UPC tickets

Q: What does “Prices-Off” – N mean?

A: “Prices-Off” – N is the ticket type that does not require Academy Sports + Outdoors’ pre-ticketing. You may use your own UPC.


Chargebacks and Chargeback Schedule

Q: How long do I have to dispute a chargeback?

A: Vendors have 30 days to dispute a chargeback.


Domestic Logistics

Q: If I have a parcel shipment going out FedEx, how would I obtain the FedEx account number?

A: Please see our Domestic SMART Guide for the FedEx account number under the DESIGNATED FREIGHT CARRIER FOR PARCEL SHIPMENTS section.

Q: How many DCs does Academy Sports + Outdoors have? Where can I find the DC and Store #s?

A: Currently, we have 3 Distribution Centers. NEW DC 893 in Cookeville, TN, DC 895 in Katy, TX & DC 897 in Twiggs County, GA. You can find the list of DC and Store #s on our Vendor Webiste - DC & Store Locations  .

Q: What is OTM?

A: Oracle Transportation Management. OTM allows our suppliers to view open purchase orders and create shipments for pickup. Please contact with any questions regarding OTM.

Q: What are the Pallet requirements? (ie. Pallet Dimensions and Pallet height)?

A: Vendors must use 48”X40” GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) four-way hard wood pallets with slats 5/8” thick. The pallet height for LTL shipments should be built to 96 inches. (Multiple PO’s per pallet, shipping to the same DC are acceptable to maximize pallet height).

Q: Is the packing list required?

A: Currently, the packing list is only a requirement for Firearm Purchase Orders.

Q: Pertaining to the "Failure to release PO's 72 hours prior to the pickup date in OTM" rule. How do I know when to route compliantly?

A: If your OTM Insert/Release date is     Your OTM Early Pick-up Date must be no earlier than:
             Monday                                                                   Thursday
             Tuesday                                                                   Friday
             Wednesday                                                              Monday
             Thursday                                                                  Tuesday
             Friday                                                                      Wednesday


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