EDI Implementation Manual - Domestic


 Academy is committed to the use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for the purpose of exchanging purchase orders and related documents. Academy requires all vendors to have EDI capabilities that include the ability to receive the 850 Purchase Order, as well as send the 810 Invoice and 856 Advance Ship Notice, including the associated UCC-128 carton labels (refer to Carton Packaging & Labeling section of this guide). Vendors new to Academy are allowed a 90-day development grace period (if needed) from the date they are set up in our billing system.

If you are EDI-capable, you may reference Academy’s mapping specifications and contact our EDI Analyst by email at EDIsupport@academy.com to begin testing. If you are not currently EDI-capable we ask that you select a Third Party EDI Service Provider. A list of third party providers is available on this site.

Currently Traded Documents
850         Purchase Order 
856         Ship Notice 
         Functional Acknowledgment     
810         Invoice

Vendors sending EDI 856 Advance Ship Notices are required to transmit the 856 documents upon shipment of goods. Shipments received at our facility without the necessary ASN data on file for receiving are subject to chargeback.

 Click Here  for the EDI Implementation Manual for Domestic Vendors