Customs Compliance Program

Supply Chain Mission Statement:

To establish overlapping business                                    
security practices to effictively deter 
infiltration of Academy's Supply Chain

C-TPAT (Customs and Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)

Academy is a Tier 3 validated participant in this Customs and Border Protection program. We require that you also be a C-TPAT certified participant where applicable, or be “C-TPAT like” in your security program policies & procedures

If your Company is C-TPAT Certified, upon receipt of your SVI # (Status Verification Indicator) and Certified, we request a copy of   your official letter, a copy of the C-TPAT Certificate to your Company, and your SVI letter.

If your Company is not C-TPAT certified or does not qualify under Customs terms to be C-TPAT certified, please describe your security program and provide details or a handbook.

C-TPAT Container and Seal  Inspection Workshop

General C-TPAT Presentation  January 2011

C-TPAT 24-Hour Rules & Regulations

Click here for other Customs Compliance information      January 2011

 C-TPAT Minimum Security Requirements-Factories (English) October 16.2013

C-TPAT Minimum Security Requirements-Factories (Chinese) October 16 2013